Looking at the paintings of Asad is confronting and provocative. As audience you are confronted with yourself. Maybe it creates for every person a different emotion but the collective feeling is the deafening silent cry of suffering that humanity faces. In his words he tells us the meaning of his paintings.

Humanity is conditioned by laws, culture, society, politicians and the ones in power.

Our way of thinking is distorted and blinded by religions that dominate our lives.

We are imprisoned by the collective, by our conditioned state of mind and it limits our boundaries and interaction with other people.

When one sees the truth of our conditional state one can only see the emptiness, the vacuum, the void of our existence. A sentiment emerges, a strong emotion of longing for authenticity. "I am naked and nude stripped of dignity and earthly possessions. I am nothing and life as we created it is worthless."

The human figures in the paintings represent the inner nakedness it presents itself to the world for others to see, a silent scream of suffering is seen but not to be heard.

Once we were born in innocence but slowly we are conditioned by false prophets of faith, religion, science, art and tradition. We loose our authenticity to become conditioned.

We kill, for power, for cultural differences, for possessions. We kill for our conditioned state of mind. We fill this void what we defined as life, this absurd life with hallucinations and imagination, born out of fear.

But the truth is that we are alone and abandoned, we are nothing and naked.

We are afraid of being alone, of death and emptiness, we are afraid of the void. Therefore we created with our minds our Gods, we created wealth, we created power, science, fame…. We created a world out of our fears.

Our mind creates many illusions of boredom, grieve, pain, suffering and confusion. Our mind is our enemy and we are not what we think we are. 

The painter shows us the painter, it is his journey but he also wants us to return to our true selves. He wants us to stay and not accept this life. He does not want us to change for the sake of change, he wants us to see the truth so we can leave our fears and become naked.

He believes we should stay with nothing, we should stay alone, we should be naked. Only then we understand and will be fully aware of life itself. He wants us to see that between us and others is no separation and that all we see as reality is a product of our mind.

Our thoughts have no correlation with truth or represent the truth because we can give meaning to truth.


There is only one truth in diverse realities.