painting-11.jpgThis site represents the art of Asad Keshavarz who is an Iranian painter.

Asad is born in Shariz, in the southwest of Iran. Shariz is one of the oldest cities of ancient Persia and became once the center of arts and letters.

Asad's paintings depicts images of human figures frozen in time while they are suffering in deafening silence. It is the reflection of how he sees himself and mankind. Driven by fear we lost our authenticity, when the truth emerges we are lost and suffer.

We gladly invite you to take a look at his work as a diverse Persian artist, inquiries for buying or exhibitions are welcome through the contact form



Śūnyatā, Sanskrit, also shunyata, is a Buddhist term that is translated into English as emptiness, openness, thusness,void

Śūnyatā refers to the absence of inherent existence in all phenomena, and it is complementary to the Buddhist concepts of not-self and dependent origination.